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The 2015 Lung Book. 

Great savings on great courses throughout Nova Scotia and New Brunswick for just $50. Order now and we'll send you a Certificate of Purchase  and mail the book to the recipient the moment they're hot off the presses.

We Need CPAPs and BiPAPs to help Nova Scotians in need 

We're looking for CPAP and BiPAP machines fo.r our Equipment Exchange! Please click here for more information or if you have machines to donate to people in need.

Radon kits now online

You can now purchase radon test kits online for only $40. Click here to purchase your testing kit now or click here to learn more about radon.

Upcoming Events

Learn to Run for Smokers

This popular program for smokers to improve their lung health is back. Starts March 18. Click here to register and for more information


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